Results We Deliver


This confidential page covers a current collection of our professional services capabilities and expertise from our staff of consultants. We are a firm focused on engineering solutions for revenue and increased market traction.

Revenue Increase & Team Building


Our company was concerned about lack of revenue opportunities due to the inconsistency of new software projects flowing into the company. The lack of software projects brought up another concern of not being able to attract and retain manpower to scale and grow the company, which inevitably resulted in losing opportunities. We had little internal support and thought Reciprocity ROI was the right fit to help us gain strategy and turn it into a process.

We chose Reciprocity ROI to help us because of their existing relationships, diverse range of resources and experience driving brands through multi-channels. After only 3 short months Reciprocity ROI delivered well over $300,000 USD in revenue which was over a 1,000 percent return on investment from what we paid upfront to retain them.

Within 120 days, Reciprocity ROI generated an additional $1million in pipeline and helped us recruit over 20 software developers to help scale our team. We HIGHLY recommend their expertise.

Results We Delivered

Improved Process For Gaining Revenue

1,000% Return on Investment

Built A Development Team To Support New Clients

Innovation of Segments of Sales


We worked with different groups at Sodexo to help address this challenge. Sodexo is one of the biggest global companies. With over 400,000 employees (in 80 countries) that remains largely unknown to the public. Their astonishingly broad range of services across an equally broad range of industries is part of the challenge … it’s hard to market “we do everything for everyone everywhere”. For segments like healthcare, seniors, group purchasing, and corporate services, we developed B2B strategies, exhibits, media, and collateral, showcasing Sodexo innovations and leveraging innovative technologies like AR and VR.

For Sodexo’s corporate sales function, we helped develop and roll out an enterprise–wide transformation program in their commercial sales processes, based on agile innovation principles, creating content and training materials on new tools and methods and shaping a deployment strategy.

The results were an overall increase in Sodexo’s ability to leverage internal innovation and connect with critical employee and customer communities.

Results We Delivered

Role Out Enterprise-Wide Sales Process

Agile Internal Innovation Program

Connect with Critical Employee and Customer Communities

Innovation and Product Design


If some of your biggest customers say you are falling behind in product innovation, you listen.

Kraft Heinz needed to facilitate conversations with big box retailers (Walmart, Costco, Target) to showcase new innovative products, line extensions and packaging, and get them engaged with improving the offerings.

We designed an innovation summit called FutureShop to bridge the gap. New concepts in the development pipeline were presented to retail execs (category managers and VPs). We developed an app to capture their feedback, prioritized the concepts, and then facilitated brainstorming sessions with product lab teams to improve them from the retailer’s perspective.

We tracked the potential market share increases (“size of the prize”) for each product as a result of those improvements, as estimated by the big box participants themselves. We then aggregated them for each one-day summit. The results were millions of dollars in increased potential for the products in the Kraft Heinz pipeline.

Results We Delivered

Designed An Innovation Event

App Development

Millions of Dollars in Pipeline

Product, Ideation, Development and Design


Epson’s product and technology laboratories were doing great work, but their talented engineers were (almost literally) in an ivory tower … the beautiful Nagano area, in the mountains north of Tokyo. They were producing patents, but not new product categories. They needed more contact with the outside world, new ideas for applications, new market opportunities and new partnerships. We worked with almost a dozen different labs and technologies, combining market research with focus groups, co-creation workshops, product concept development, and partnership discussions. Technologies and markets ranged from digital projection to robotics, sensors, micro mechatronics, health care, agriculture, aerospace, entertainment, and retail.

Results We Delivered

Market Research & Focus Groups

Co-creation Workshops

Product Concept Development

Partnership Progress

Sales Innovation, Development, and Design


PwC was investing in internal innovation projects, developing new offerings rather than simply responding to client requests for consulting. This meant a stronger focus on product marketing and collaborations with potential customers. The first step was to socialize their work in the pipeline, facilitating conversations with key clients, industry experts and press.

The strategy included high-profile events and social media. We helped refine tactics, script messaging and content, design and develop media assets, coordinate and produce events.

Deliverables included narrative scenarios, enhanced presentations, 2D and 3D animation, a custom-designed hospitality space at the leading healthcare IT forum, and a series of summit events for invited clients. The combined experiences helped PwC meet sales goals and pioneer new opportunities in the marketplace.

Results We Delivered

New Sales Strategy

Design and Develop Media Assets

Coordinate To Produce Events

Innovation, Development, and Design


IBM was generating a wide range of new technologies in multiple markets, some of which broadened expectations of who they were and what they offered. They needed help in connecting innovations in the labs with corporate communications efforts, and finding applications of their technologies that grabbed attention and excited the imagination.

We collaborated with a variety of labs as well as the corporate communications office on events, demonstrations, pilot projects, advertising and PR efforts. We helped create media and content, designed showcase projects and events, and connected them with for-profit and not-for-profit partners in the US and globally. The result was a significant contribution to IBM’s global visibility and transformation from a stodgy backroom hardware provider to a major force for innovation, community, culture and future thinking.

We played a similar role with Bell Labs and NTT, connecting new technologies to public demonstrations, while participating in product development efforts focused on new applications in digital networking.

Results We Delivered

Collaborated on Labs

Designed Content and Projects

Reshaped Marketing as an Innovation Hub

Innovation, Development, and Design


We helped in the development of a Flexible R&D Strategy where the company was developing a planning methodology to allow the client–a leader in flat-panel displays—to efficiently navigate technology investment decisions during an era of market and technology confusion.

The client wanted to avoid over or under-investing resources in R&D for ultimately losing display products.

The methodology must be easily disseminated/trainable to senior stakeholders and allow for continuous shifts between planning cycles, R&D costs, market share, and profitability. Client reduced R&D costs by 10%, and rose to lead market share.

Our decision-focused scenario planning, signpost identification, and consumer trend analysis was used and Samsung SDI was given a significantly more powerful position in a highly competitive market.

Results We Delivered

Reduced R&D Costs

New R&D Strategy

Better, More Competitive Positioning