Entry Fee Assistance

Startup ROI can be a game-changer for your growth and a catalyst for your successful journey. We don’t want you to miss the opportunity and we know bootstrapping comes with financial constraints. This is why we’ve provided options for assisting early startups in paying our entry fee as well as meeting other essential needs. 

Our Pay-As-You-Grow Options

We’ve made it possible for any Startup Founder to work with us even with limited cashflow. Founders can enroll while committing to one program at a time based upon their current stage. Apply now and pay only for the program that suits you with pricing starting at $497. Then graduate to the next program as your revenue increases. 

Become An Affiliate To Offset Costs

You can earn 5% of our participation fee for every startup founder referral. Join our affiliate program today. Then tell your founder friends about Startup ROI. Use your earnings to cover your own participation fee.

Revenue Based Financing For Early Stage Startups


Uncapped provides investments to founders like you with no interest, credit checks, dilution or personal guarantees.


ClearCo is the world's largest ecommerce investor and growth platform, giving the financial tools, capital, and network they need to grow.

Join Our Founders Slack Community

This group is completely free to join and open to all startup founders. No founder should do this journey alone. Our community provides essential things early stage startup founders need.

  • Free Prototype Testing and Feedback
  • Startup Opportunities such as time sensitive pitch competitions and grant applications
  • Pitch Deck Reviews and Feedback