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How To Raise $1million In One Year

Enter to win this capital raising package created by Paul Claxton, Venture Capitalist and Serial Entrepreneur.

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Great points!

Great points! Founders need to identify thier TAM, SAM and SOM to understand how they fit in the market.

Paul often says..

Paul often says to me.... we invest in people....

So much value!

This was amazing! So much value thank you very much

    Meet Paul Claxton

    CoFounder of Startup ROI, Venture Capitalist & Serial Entrepreneur

    Paul is a Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist and visionary leader frequently sought-out by universities, startups, venture capital firms and Fortune 500 companies for his network, ingenuity and uncanny ability to drive organizations forward. Paul is an advisor to Ithaca College, and Climate Incubator.

    How It Works

    Join The Startup ROI Community

    The first step is to join the Startup ROI Founder Community. Up to 100 founders within our community will gain access to the How To Raise $1million in One Year mini course courtesy of the Startup ROI team. Our community also offers regular give-aways and free product testing. Grab your spot for the mini course in the “give-aways” channel.

    Submit Your Startup Pitch Deck To Paul Claxton

    The second step is to submit your pitch deck for Paul’s review in the “pitch deck review” channel. He will choose 3 winning pitch decks. These winners will receive a free 1-hour session with Paul Claxton. 

    One Winner Will Gain Live Recognition

    Finally, one winning startup will be selected from the three winning pitch decks. Paul and the Startup ROI team will interview this startup live from our LinkedIn pages. Our network consists of hundreds of financial entities and corporate companies. We’ll put you in the spotlight to show off your best pitch.