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Sage Fusion

About This Startup

Participation Progress - Sales Enablement Program - Seed Stage

Sage Fusion is founded by Michael Kelly. 

Sage Fusion is an artificial intelligence asset management platform that helps accredited investors obtain a second opinion on their investments and manage risks. 

Visit Sage Fusion’s website at

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Traction Progress

During his growth enablement phase, Michael received a growth plan and actionable steps our team could help him execute.

Then we received asynchronous feedback and revisions on his investor prospecting messaging.

The Startup ROI team provided exercises to guide the Sage Fusion team and partners toward exponential growth and dedicated time to one-on-one calls with his extended team. 

We began making interview introductions with like-minded cofounder prospects.

Our team assisted Michael in landing an intern to improve marketing and sales efforts.

Midway Progress Update

During his sales enablement phase, Michael received a curated list of prospects to maximize growth and help him generate more revenue with fewer actions.

By Week 16. the Startup ROI team helped Michael close a $6.4million deal.

To support of Sage Fusion's growth, we recruited a data analyst intern and sourced 45 executives to fill Sage Fusion's capital raising cofounder position.