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Spot Finder

Participation Progress - Growth Enablement Program - PreSeed Stage

About This Startup

Spot Finder is founded by Gabe Rivas. 

Spot Finder helps restaurant owners convert more website visitors to reservations with virtual tours and AR menus so that they can reclaim missed revenue and fill every seat. It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that leverages 360-degree videos and augmented reality (AR).

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Traction Progress

During his idea validation phase, Gabe refined his value proposition to appeal to his target audience.

Gabe also surveyed over 300 consumers to gain insight on the affects of AR/VR for the restaurant industry. 

He learned how to standout in his industry through more informed research and was able to present his findings to customers by way of an informative lead magnet.

Gabe received and applied early prototype feedback that improved his online positioning. 

By Week 13 of the Idea Validation Program, Spot Finder had gained four restaurant pilots.

During the first four weeks of Growth Enablement, Gabe acquired five new pilots by applying advice to diversify his data by pursuing multiple hospitality customer types.

He then received guidance on the kind of data to collect during his pilots which enabled him to created new survey questions that lead to prioritizing discoveries that assist in understanding and applying price revisions, value proposition iterations, and product feature changes.

Gabe then received active coaching on changes needed for his business model and GTM approach. Line by line feedback was provided and he was given creative solutions to scale in the market.

He was also provided niche specific community options to improve his knowledge of the industry.