Enter To Win Your Validation Package

Validate Your Idea In 90 Days Or Less

Enter to win this startup idea validation package created by Kiara Thomas, 3x Founder and Serial Entrepreneur.

Meet Kiara Thomas

CoFounder of Startup ROI, 3x Founder & Serial Entrepreneur

Kiara focuses on guiding startups toward developing a solid foundation for growth, marketing, and positioning. Founder of Konnectic Energy, a Web Agency and Startup Studio, and CoFounder of CircleView.App, an AI-Driven IoT and Lean Collaboration Tool.

How It Works

Join The Startup ROI Community

The first step is to join the Startup ROI Founder Community. The first 20 founders within our community will gain free access and the following 100 founders will gain a 90% discount to the 90-Day Idea Validation Course courtesy of the Startup ROI team. Our community also offers regular give-aways. Grab your spot for the course in the “give-aways” channel.

Submit Your Startup Prototype For Testing & Feedback

During Week 5 of the course, you’ll gain discounted access to build a no-code prototype. The second step is to submit your first prototype for Kiara’s review in the “product-testing” channel. She will choose 3 winning prototypes. These winners will receive a free 1-hour session with Kiara Thomas. 

One Winner Will Gain Live Recognition

Finally, one winning startup will be selected from the three winning prototypes. Kiara and the Startup ROI team will interview this startup live from our LinkedIn pages. Our network consists of hundreds of financial entities and corporate companies. We’ll put you in the spotlight to show off your best pitch and product.